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Visualizations in Delphi
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JD Visuals

Visualization Engine in Delphi


This project is more of an experiment to play around with, as well as learn a bit about graphics and multithreading. It encapsulates a simple visualization engine which allows you to incorporate your own visuals, and switch between them. Each visual provides different controls to the user to change how the animation works.

Final Frontier

Spiral Out

Fibonacci Spiral

Prerequisites / Technology

  • Written on Delphi 10.1 Berlin but should work fine on other recent versions
  • Jedi library, specifically the JCL for its Spin Edit control
  • GDI+ library which is built-in to Delphi (GDIPAPI and GDIPOBJ) units
  • VCL Styles which is built-in to Delphi


Currently, this project is very raw, but functional. It includes a component package which you must install in order to drop the custom control into your form in the IDE. The application also requires the JEDI component library as mentioned above.

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