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Implementing Azure Infrastructure Services

This REPO contains the materials required for the preparation for the 70-533 exam.


* Azure Subscription with proper rights
* A machine running Docker
* Not using it, but adviseable to use for prep: PowerShell
  • Program
    • check the powerpt: talk about azure
    • Virtual Machines
      • Bunch of slides
      • Lab, scripts are in docker but also here in the REPO
      • Demo, create certificate, upload Hyper V image, ScaleSet demo
    • Storage
      • Bunch of slides
      • Lab
    • Network
      • Bunch of slides
      • Lab
    • Certification
      • Tip and links

This Lab uses a docker image which contains the LAB stuff you require, azure-cli already installed.

docker run -it cvugrinec/microsoft-prep70533

Here is a template you can start using right away:

There will also be sessions on the following topics:

  • Web Applications/ Paas services
    • Deploy some webapplications, using the concept of slots. Also pretend to do a production update
    • Enable monitoring for 1 or 2 endpoints in your app for different test locations
    • Play with the traffic manager and understand when to use it
    • Enable CDN and understand what needs to be done (for e.g. which DNS records)
    • Implement several databases and understand the difference in products and service levels.
    • Implement autoscaling
  • Azure Active Directory (IAM)
    • Add a custom domain to your AAD
    • Add a custom web application and use the SSO with own credential store
    • Add an application from the store and enable SSO
    • Add an application using existing SSO (for e.g. from Google or facebook)
    • Implement a multisite network