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StarUML ColdFusion CFC Generator


Generates ColdFusion component files from your StarUML class diagrams.
You'll need the StarUML software in order to use this.  You can download
StarUML from the project website:


Once you've got StarUML installed, dig into the StarUML installation 
directory, and place the ColdFusion folder and all of its contents into

Now fire up the StarUML application and create your class diagram.

When you're done, go to the Tools menu and choose StarUML Generator.
Check the box for ColdFusion and click Next.  Choose the directory
where you want your generated CFCs to go, then click Next.  Finally,
click the Generate button.  When it's done generating, click Finish.

Your shiny new ColdFusion components can be found in the folder you 
specified, along with StarUML-CFGen-Result.txt, which provides a 
summary of what it did.  You'll also see StarUML-CFGen-Script.js, which 
is an intermediate JavaScript file created by StarUML when it runs the
generator. You can safely delete both of these files.


* All instance variables, regardless of accessibility, are written to 
  the variables.instance scope.  A getter and setter will be written 
  for each one.  If you want the getter/setter to be private, mark the
  variable as private in the class diagram, by putting a minus sign 
  before the variable name.  If you want the getter/setter to be public, 
  mark the variable as public in the class diagram, by putting a plus sign 
  before the variable name.
* On your class diagram, you can specify your methods to be public (+), 
  private (-), or package (~), and the generated methods will have their 
  accessibility set accordingly.
* Be sure to add method return types in your diagram so that the generated
  method can have the correct returntype attribute.
* Create a constructor by adding an init() method to your class.  Arguments
  to this method will be written to the variables.instance struct.
* You can use the Documentation tab for a class to set the hint attribute
  on the CFC.


* Inheritance relationships are not generated, so you'll need to write the 
  extends attribute yourself for now.
* Interfaces are not generated.
* init() arguments are blindly written to variables.instance.  You'll have 
  to write additional code there if needed.
* Classes all go into one folder -- you'll need to put them into packages.
* You'll probably want to go back and fully qualify your references to classes.


See the LICENSE file for details.  Use StarUML and the ColdFusion generator 
at your own risk, of course.


Dave Leeds


Builds ColdFusion components from StarUML class diagrams.







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