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WordPress Plugin used to create maintenance page while site is parked or in development
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Maintenance And Development Plugin

WordPress Plugin used to create maintenance page while site is parked or in development, currently we also use it as a landing page for sites that are hosted with us.

The plugin shows a landing page for maintenance, but when you log in the active template is shown.

Version: 2.0.0


Via ZIP package

  1. Download ZIP package.
  2. In your WP administration go to Plugins / Add New / Upload plugin.
  3. Select the ZIP package you've downloaded in step 1.
  4. Go to Plugins and enable Maintenance & Development Mode.


Default Template

The plugin uses a default template stored in /includes/default/template.php. If there is no custom template available this is the default template used. Our suggestion if you are a developer, is to modify the default files for your agency, and then use the custom template for your client.

Custom Template

To use a custom template create a file in /includes/custom/template.php. What we find helpful s to copy the contents of the default template folder to custom folder. Then edit what ever you want.


  • Donovan Maidens - Initial work - WPZA

The Maintenance and Development plugin is maintained by WPZA. WPZA specializes is hosting and maintaining WordPress Websites.

See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


This project is licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE - see the file for details


  • All My clients that gave me the work in the first place.
  • Louis Nel


This plugin is designed for developers, and I don't see it ever having an settings page in wp-admin. Also it is only a holding plugin so should not be running all the time.

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