A **very** simple new tab page for Google Chrome. Just stuff you want, nothing you don't.
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Lightweight New Tab Page

I don't like the default new tab, and I haven't found a different one that added any more value for me than the default. So I made a ridiculously simple page of my own.


Install from the chrome web store, or you can use it unpackaged and make your own changes:

$ git clone https://github.com/djmadeira/lightweight-new-tab-page.git
$ npm install
$ grunt

Go to Chrome -> Extensions, click "Load unpacked extension" and select the dist folder.

Planned features

I always plan to keep this simple & fast, so I won't add a ton of features. I'm open to good ideas, but ultimately this is for me. That said, this is licensed under WTFPL; if you want to change it, be my guest!

  • Keyboard shortcut reminders
  • Recently closed tabs
  • Reorder custom links



  • Changed build system to broccoli.js


  • Fixed a bug where custom links didn't work if you didn't already have the localStorage records set


  • Improved accessiblity
  • Packaged for web store
  • Created an icon


  • Added customizable links
  • Added custom CSS


  • Initial release