catwm is a very simple tiling window manager, fork from pyknite catwm
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( o   o )  Made by cat...
(  =^=  )
(        )            ... for cat!
(         )
(          ))))))________________ Cute And Tiny Window Manager


catwm is a very simple and lightweight tiling window manager. I will try to stay under 1000 SLOC.


  • 17.06.15

    -Added -pedantic flag in

    -Fixed warning in config.h and config.def.h, if enabled -pedantic gcc flag.

  • 14.04.15 -> v0.5

    -Added function client_to_desktop, to move selected window to any tag.

    -Trivial changes in config.def.h, config.h, and catwm.1.

  • 13.04.15

    -Prevents catwm crash, with nest if, in increase() void.

    -Trivial changes in config.def.h, config.h, and catwm.1.

  • 11.04.15

    -Reactivated, header for multimedia keys.

  • 09.04.15

    -Minor changes in catwm.c

  • 08.04.15

    -Fixed possible "memory steal"

    -Reactivated cleanup() void.

    -Updated trivial things.

  • 01.04.15

    -Fixed stupid bug "ghost window".

    -Commented cleanup() void.

    -Updated trivial changes.

  • 26.07.14 -> v0.4

    -Minor changes in catwm.c

    -Added a x error handler (if other wm is running in the same display)...

    -Updated Makefile, in dwm's style

    -Added a to custom makefile flags, etc

    -Added a manpage aka catwm.1

    -Installation route is changed to /usr/local/...

    -Destroyed quit and bool_quit functions, are little boggus

    -"Adopted" cleanup() function, from monsterwm.c

  • 25.07.14

    -Minor changes in catwm.c

    -Added a x error handler (if other wm is running in the same display)...

  • 24.07.14

    -Minor changes in catwm.c

  • 23.07.14

    -Removed function client_to_desktop, more buggy o_O

    -Desktops are now 10 aka 10 tags or workspaces...

    -Added a quick, and dirty hack in unmapnotify, for molest resize if have, more windows with dialogs...

    -Added catkill function, to close X, in dwm's style

  • 22.07.14

    -About: catwm -v,

    -Removed a obsolete header,

    -changed volume keybindings.

  • 21.07.14

    -Numlock not affects keyboard shotcurts.

    -Multiple desktops works now ok,

    -Added space to use a toolbar, ex: dzen2

    -unmapnotify function, for, rares windows, ex: thunderbird, firefox...

    Before this, catwm crashes, with about dialogs or new window, from these windows..

  • 05.07.10 -> v0.3. Multiple desktops and correct some bugs

  • 30.06.10 -> v0.2. Back again \o/

  • 15.03.10 -> v0.2. The wm is functional -> I only use this wm!

  • 24.02.10 -> First release, v0.1. In this release 0.1, the wm is almost functional


It allow the "normal" modes of tiling window managers:

|        |___|
|        |___|
| Master |___|
|        |___|
|        |___|

Horizontal tiling mode:

|           |
|  Master   |
| W |   |   |

and fullscreen mode:

|           |
| no        |
| borders!  |
|           |


In debian and derivatives:

# apt-get install build-essential libx11-dev

If use slackware, archlinux, headers is present now, in default installation...

Need Xlib, then:

$ nano config.h

$ make

# make install

$ make clean



  • No bugs for the moment ;) (I mean, no importants bugs ;)


If you have some particular request, just send me an e-mail, and I will see for it!

Here a screenshot:


Licensed under GNU GPL version 3, see LICENSE file for more copyright and license information.