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Run automatic restic backups via a Docker container.
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Run automatic restic backups via a Docker container.


  • run scheduled backups
  • backup to any (local or remote) target supported by restic
  • add custom tags to backups
  • automatic forgetting of old backups
  • can be used as a (global) Docker swarm service in order to backup every cluster node
  • multi-arch: the image mazzolino/restic runs on amd64 as well as armv7 (for now)


Use the supplied example configs to set up a backup schedule.

With Docker Compose

Adjust the supplied docker-compose.yml as needed. Then run:

docker-compose up -d

With Docker Swarm mode

Adjust the supplied docker-swarm.yml as needed. Then deploy it as a stack:

docker stack deploy -f docker-swarm.yml backup

Advanced usage

You can use the same config to run any restic command with the given configuration.

When using the Docker Compose setup:

docker-compose run --rm app <RESTIC ARGS>


docker-compose run --rm app snapshots

Configuration options

  • BACKUP_CRON - A cron expression for when to run the backup. E.g. 0 30 3 * * * in order to run every night at 3:30 am. See the go-cron documentation for details on the expression format
  • RESTIC_REPOSITORY - location of the restic repository. You can use any target supported by restic. Default /mnt/restic
  • RESTIC_BACKUP_SOURCES - source directory to backup. Make sure to mount this into the container as a volume (see the example configs). Default /data
  • RESTIC_PASSWORD - password for the restic repository. Will also be used to initialize the repository if it is not yet initialized
  • RESTIC_BACKUP_TAGS - Optional. Tags to set on each snapshot, separated by commas. E.g. swarm,docker-volumes
  • RESTIC_FORGET_ARGS - Optional. If specified restic forget is run with the given arguments after each backup. E.g. --prune --keep-last 14 --keep-daily 1
  • (Additional variables as needed for the chosen backup target. E.g. B2_ACCOUNT_ID and B2_ACCOUNT_KEY for Backblaze B2.)

Build instructions

Use the supplied Makefile in order to build your own image:

make image IMAGE=myuser/restic

You can also push images and build on a different architecture:

make image IMAGE=myuser/restic ARCH=arm

For more targets, see the Makefile.


restic-backup-docker was used as a starting point. Thanks!

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