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Welcome to the csv2ofx wiki!

This is a python app (tested on Ubuntu 8.04 so far) that will convert the Yodlee CSV format to OFX. GnuCash can read the OFX file.

This means you can use Yodlee to aggregate all your accounts and handle all the electronic downloads. Yodlee updates the accounts automatically and it handles far more banks than any other personal financial management software I have used.

With Yodlee you can download a CSV file of all your transactions (for any period of time, from a week to the entire history in Yodlee).

Then you can use csv2ofx to read all those transactions into GnuCash. GnuCash gives you the reporting and budgeting capabilities that Yodlee doesn’t.

You can install the package on Ubuntu like this:
sudo python install
(run this from /home/your-user/csv2ofx)

If you do this, you should get the csv2ofx script installed somewhere in your path and be able to type:

from any directory.

The file is extremely flexible. Currently it is optimized for Yodlee’s CSV format.

The GUI is programmed with wxPython. On Linux wxPython is wxGTK. Some distributions name the package wxPython and some wxGTK. Either way, you may need to use apt (or Synaptic) to install the package if it isn’t on your system. There are no other dependencies (as far as I know).

Additional note on wxPython for Debian/Ubuntu (see

There are wxWidgets and wxPython packages in the standard software repositories for Debian and Ubuntu. Using your favorite package management tool look for packages named python-wxgtkX.Y where X.Y is the major version numbers for the release series.

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