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A somewhat-light unhelpfully-minimal blogdown theme
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The slum theme for Hugo is an adaptation Yihue Xie’s Xmin theme that borrows stylistic elements from the Tufte R Markdown theme and from the academic Hugo theme. I’m not really convinced it’s useful for much, hence the name; this is a somewhat-light unhelpfully-minimal Hugo theme. In truth, my main goal in putting this theme together was to make sure I understand the basics of how Hugo works.

Getting started

To create the example site using the slum template into a fresh directory:

  dir = "~/../Desktop/slum", 
  theme = "djnavarro/hugo-slum",
  theme_example = TRUE,
  sample = FALSE

By setting theme_example = TRUE (the default) it installs the example site, and by setting sample = FALSE it prevents Hugo from automatically including the default content.

To serve an existing site, assuming that R the working directory is set to the home directory for the site:


The example site serves as a tutorial in how to use the theme, and you can see it at:

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