Overlays the R logo on LGBT pride flags
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Rainbow R

Automatically generates LGBT banner images from various LGBT pride flags: relies on the tidyverse, magick, rsvg and here packages. Here's the result for the rainbow flag:

The transgender flag:


I chose the set of flags by looking at the Wikipedia page for LGBT symbols and the Wikicommons page for Sexual identity symbols. I'm a little uncomfortable about it though insofar as a lot of them don't pertain to my own identification, so I don't feel confident in making decisions about what should be included and what shouldn't. Roughly what I tried to do was retain anything that appears to be a self-identity category of some kind (e.g., gay, lesbian, transgender, asexual, genderqueer, etc), but not include things that are something more like subcultures (e.g., leather, drag). The lines are super-blurry though. There are pride flags for bear, twink, lipstick lesbian etc that are described on the Wikipedia pages in terms that come closer to being identity categories. I tended to include those, but I admit that I don't feel sure about my choices here!

Contents of the repository:

  • flags directory contains the SVG files for the flags
  • Rlogo.svg is the original R logo; Rlogo_bw.svg is a modified version
  • rainbow.R is the script that draws the banners
  • banners directory contains the output (1000x600 pixels)
  • banners_small contains the same images (600x360 pixels)

Most of the banner images come out pretty readable: the nonbinary one is an obvious exception, where we lose half of the R logo.