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Sampling frames

This repository contains code associated with the "sampling frames in reasoning" project. It contains three main subdirectories, one containing source code for running experiments associated with the project, another containing the model code, and a third containing the manuscript files

Hayes, Banner, Forrester & Navarro (under review). Sampling frames and inductive inference with censored evidence. Manuscript submitted for publication


The experiments folder contains seven directories that include all source files needed to run seven of the nine experiments referred to in the paper

  • frames_E2, frames_E3 and frames_E4 are Experiments 2-4 from the main paper
  • frames_B1, frames_B2 and frames_B3 are the three base rate experiments B1, B2 and B3 discussed in Appendix A
  • frames_S1 is the between-subjects sample size experiment discussed in Appendix A

Currently missing are:

  • Experiment 1 from the main paper and Experiment A1 from the appendix are missing. They were written using LiveCode and we haven't yet worked out an archiving strategy for these


  • See the file in the model directory for a detailed description


  • Contains the preprint file HayesBFN_frames.pdf
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