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This is a repository of latex snippets for sublime. Feel free to leave any suggestions or ask for any functionalities. To add this repo to your sublime snippets library:

  1. Navigate to (Mac) /Library/Application Support/Sublime Text (2)/Packages/Latex/
  2. Add the repo folder into the Latex folder and it will automatically be added to your snippets library, so that when you begin to edit a Latex file, snippets will show up.
  3. (Recommended) Enable drop-down suggestions by adding "auto_complete_selector": "source, text" to your Preferences file, either in your User preferences, or in Latex if you so desire
  4. As you type notice new snippets appearing, arrow-key down to them and see what they do. You can also use Command + Shift + P to querry the snippets, this also allows you to use your selected text in the body of the snippet, such as for parentheses or vector notation.