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Latex snippets for probabilities and statistics
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This is a repository of latex snippets for sublime. Feel free to leave any suggestions or ask for any functionalities. To add this repo to your sublime snippets library:

  1. For Mac, navigate to /Library/Application Support/Sublime Text (2)/Packages/Latex/
  2. Add the repo folder into the Latex folder and it will automatically be added to your snippets library, so that when you begin to edit a Latex file, snippets will show up.
  3. (Recommended) Enable drop-down suggestions by adding "auto_complete_selector": "source, text" to your Preferences file, either in your User preferences, or in Latex if you so desire
  4. As you type, notice the new snippets appearing, arrow-key down to them and see what they do. You can also use Command + Shift + P to querry the snippets, this also allows you to use your selected text in the body of the snippet, such as for parenthesis or vector notation.

Current Snippets

Please add information on your snippets if you wish to have your snippets added to the main repo

  1. Bayes's Formula
  2. Bayes's Formula Expanded
  3. "Choose" As in 52 choose 2
  4. Probability of an event ( "P(E)" )
  5. Event ("E_description")
  6. Probability of an event given an event ( "P(E|F)" )
  7. Confidence Interval
  8. Phi: ( "phi(z)" )
  9. Definition of Phi
  10. Binomial Definition
  11. Expectation ( "E[X]" )
  12. Definition of Variance ( "VAR(X)=E[(X-E[X])²]" )
  13. Full Variance ( "E[(X-E[X])²]" )
  14. Simple Variance ( "E[X²]-E[X]²" )
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