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Rapberry Pi Music Visualizer with LED Strips 🎶🌈
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Raspberry Pi controller that changes the colours in an LED strip based on the beat of any song

Tools Used

  • Jumper wires (male to female and male to male)
  • Breadboard
  • Three N-channel MOSFETS
  • Raspberry Pi running Raspbian v4.14
  • RGB LED Strip with 3 pins (SMD5050)
  • Microphone

Getting Started

  1. sudo apt-get install build-essential unzip wget
  2. wget && unzip && cd PIGPIO && sudo make install

Working with basic PiGPIO

  • In my configuration:
    • PIN 17: RED
    • PIN 22: GREEN
    • PIN 24: BLUE
  • To start PiGPIO: sudo pigpiod
  • To turn LEDs red: pigs p 17 255

Hardware Design

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