An arena mod for the mojang game Catacomb Snatch
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# Catacomb Snatch
# Original by: Mojang
# Mod by: Djonn
# Help by: delvar

Catacomb Snatch Arena is an arena version of Mojang's Catacomb Snatch.
You have to kill your enemies in order to survive, if they destroy the Holy Grail you loose.

#-- PLAYER --#
X Player spawns in middle
X shop with hearts(life) and turrets(much more expensive) (maybe also bomb/landmine, but bigger)
Z    -green/blue revive heart if your friend dies in multiplayer
X Player does not regenerate, if he needs health he needs to buy hearts
X Instead of %-score kill-score is shown
X Both players on same team (co-op) (players don't hurt each other)
X Scores are shown respectively

#-- MONSTERS --#
X Monsters spawn at 4(maybe 8) spots (corners and sides)
Z More kinds of monsters
X[thanks to delvar]AI - (A* pathfinding)
Ai are moving towards middle (grail)
if player is near, mobs move towards him instead of grail
Z Monsters drop less treasure
X Spawners are not breakable
Spawners can't be moved

#-- GUI --#
X How-to tab (at main menu)
Z pause - ingame (esc key)
display grail life
multiplayer host/wait screen
Y[levels] player scores, time, level info (maybe overall score)

#-- OTHER --# (some of these are maybe's)
Y Custom map
Y[effect animation] Hearts for health regeneration
X No tent area
Z multiple levels (level progression)
Z Buff's
Z Difficulties, strong/more monsters
Z Other weapons
More monsters over time
X Bats fly over holes
Z Recoloring players/new skins for extra players (or color selection)
Z 4 player
if other player quits, don't crash
X taskbar icon + name
destroyable grail (mobs only)

!###--- WHAT HAVE BEEN DONE ---###!
Harvester crash bug fixed (still drops money)
Players getting each others points fixed
Low latency in multiplayer improved
random spawner placement deactivated
no winning
W, S & Space can be used in menus
FPS removed
FIXES BUG - Ai didn't move instantly

#-- ART --#
Menu Buttons
how to tab
new game over image

X = Done
Y = Might need more attention
Z = Only maybe