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Jenkins Atlassian Theme

So you want Bamboo but you can´t afford it? Well, you´re in luck! Introducing Jenkins Atlassian Theme - Bamboo for the poor. It's the perfect middle ground - not Bamboo, but looks like it could be!

In just seven easy steps this camouflage will make Jenkins look just like a product from Atlassian and blend in with the rest of your Atlassian development environment like Stash, Jira and Confluence.

The project is not affiliated or endorsed by Atlassian


This is a limited-access demo running on heroku with a couple test jobs that can be built to show their output. It's pulling the latest compiled for the CDN. A default install can been seen at

Note: These are running on single dynos, so the intial view could take up to a minute to load while the Dyno starts and Jenkins loads.


  1. Install the JQuery Plugin

  2. Install the Simple Theme Plugin

  3. Install the Gravatar Plugin

  4. Upload theme.js, theme-min.css and jenkins_logo.png to your web server

  5. Click Manage Jenkins

  6. Click Configure System and scroll down to Theme

  7. Specify the URL for theme.js and theme-min.css.

  8. Click Save

Hosted installation

Skip step 4 and use these URLs in step 7:


CSS & JS files are minified and compressed with Grunt. To prepare the environment:

npm install

This will generate the following files:


You can publish the files on gh-pages with the following command:

grunt deploy

And you can find the files at:



  • Jenkins 2.2 and backwards
  • JQuery plugin 1.7.2-1
  • Simple Theme plugin 0.3
  • Gravatar plugin 2.1

If you are experiencing issues please let me know! Also, feel free to contribute!

Thanks to