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An arkanoid or brick breaker clone from the Unity class I'm taking
ShaderLab C# HLSL
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An arkanoid or brick breaker clone from the Unity class I'm taking

Get binaries from this github repo (click on "Releases") or play on the net via WebGL:

Watch a video of the game playing itself:

Things I've Improved after the end of the Section Lectures

  • Created my own levels

  • Added ability to change title with each new level (did this on my own without any help! WHOOO!)

  • Added controller support. A lot of help from /r/Unity3D and others on making sure my settings were correct. Also, Udemy class Laser defender code showed me what I needed in C# to make the controller work. But I figured out on my own how to setup an options page and make those options work throughout the game to allow the user to use either a mouse or the controller.

Things I learned in this section

  • Moving things on the screen based on the mouse

  • Unity World Units as a way to decide where things are in the world. Has to do with the size if your camera.

  • Physics makes the ball fall while collisions make it bounce

  • A trigger collider is used to detect if the player has reached a certain area. Here we use an empty with a collider and make it a trigger in order to know when the ball has been missed by the paddle

  • Learned how to export/import scenes and scripts

  • Learned about right-clicking and refactoring in Visual Studio

  • Learned how to print the score to the screen and how to persist it from one level to another via the Singleton Pattern.

  • Using tags in Unity so that the scripts can do different things to the objects based on the tag

  • Prefabs vs Duplicates. Prefabs are more useful because they allow you to effect changes across all the instances of the Prefab in the game.

  • how to make your game play itself for play testing

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