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@djotaku djotaku released this Oct 1, 2019 · 34 commits to master since this release

Another day, another release!

Team data will now appear on the GUI after your first run with the Team ID filled out in the settings. (And remember to hit 'save')

As a reminder, the team data is:

  • Team_captain.txt
  • Team_goal.txt
  • Team_numDonations.txt
  • Team_Top5ParticipantsHorizontal.txt
  • Team_Top5Participants.txt
  • Team_TopParticipantNameAmnt.txt
  • Team_totalRaised.txt

I'm hoping to make the next release the 2.0 release that gets the GUI out of beta.

From now until game day there might be a higher level than usual of releases, so keep checking back!

If you're a GUI user:
pyinstaller created releases that will allow you to run this program even if you don't have Python or the necessary libraries installed. If you grab the Linux install - you will need to grab participant.conf and Engineer.png from the Github repo and put it into the dist/gui folder. (Just growing pains on learning Github's CI)

If you prefer to use the commandline utilities without the GUI, just download the source code.tar.gz (Linux) or source file (Windows).

Please file any bug reports on either the GUI or the commandline!


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