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@djotaku djotaku released this Oct 10, 2019 · 82 commits to master since this release

Not exactly a superstitious person, but release 13 had an issue I immediately discovered upon release - it doesn't handle anonymous donors well. So this fix handles that. Found it when testing against another user's donors.

You can select a sound file to play when you get a donation. I've provided on called Donation.mp3 that you'll find in the same directory as the files. You will need to manually add it via the settings because, unlike the image file, it needs to know exactly where it is on your computer.

I plan to record some new instructional videos soon.

If you're a GUI user:
pyinstaller created releases that will allow you to run this program even if you don't have Python or the necessary libraries installed.

If you prefer to use the commandline utilities without the GUI, just download the source code.tar.gz (Linux) or source file (Windows).

Please file any bug reports on either the GUI or the commandline!


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