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From a Udemy Class on Unity 2D games
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You can play it here:

From a Udemy Class on Unity 2D games

At this point in time I'm just following along with the class. In this particular game in order for the different states to make sense, I'm most likely just going to do exactly as they do. In other games from this Udemy class I may go off in my own direction more.

While I've been programming as an amatuer for a long time (nearly 30 years) and did some professionally for a few years, it's mostly been in Python, Perl, and other high level languages. I've only done a tiny bit of C# nearly a decade ago when Linux Format Magazine was covering it when Mono was first introduced into Linux.

Lessons Learned in this Class

  • relearned/refreshed memory on State Machines in code
  • learned how to use Unity’s “serialized” variable mod to allow game text to live outside of the code, keeping the code cleaner. (And allowing for collaboration where one person is working on game logic while the other works on the text)
  • using Visio/LibreOffice Draw/Calligra Flow to plot out states
  • essentially learned how to make a text adventure in Unity which I think could probably pretty easily be extended into a visual novel. The main changes would be to add images, a soundtrack, and the ability to click on the option for the next state
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