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A 2D tilemap platformer made in Unity while following the GameDev.TV Unity 2D Class
C# ShaderLab
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A Tilemap Platformer


To play on Windows or Linux - go to the releases link and download the game.

To play on the web, here's the WebGL link:

Video of v0.1:

Fun Videos

Rigidbody on enemy causes issues:

Visual and Audio Credits


What I've done since finishing this section of the class

  • Well, the video is based on their 2017 class so I already had to modify player input based on what I learned in earlier sections of the class (which were done on Unity 2018)
  • Had to also do a few mods based on how prefabs are now handled.

What I learned in this module of the class

  • Using Unity Tilemap to create levels
  • Using rule tiles to make painting a level happen somewhat automatically and be less of a PITA
  • If you load more levels into hierarchy, you can see multiple scenes at once to visualize level flow
  • Gating technique - for example, make the cliff so large the player can't jump back up and get back to the beginning
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