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a Powershell script to query and export a CSV from Power BI Desktop
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a Powershell script to query and export a CSV from Power BI Desktop
download the ssas.ps1
right click the file in windows, then open
edit $query = “evaluate Table1”, write a dax query that refer to your model, then save
right click the file in windows, then run with PowerShell, make sure only one Instance of PowerBI desktop is running.
a new file “tofile.csv” will be generated
it seems SSAS embeded with PowerBI desktop is configured to time out after 30 Seconds, so if you are trying to export very large datasets try to do the export by a smaller chunck, I test it with a 3 Mi tables and it does work

Another option is to use SQL_AS_ADOMD 2016, YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT FROM HERE
Use this script ADOMD.PS1, it should work with bigger export, but you need admin right to install the new driver.


PowerQuery does not Export to CSV, it become an issue when the result of the transformation is > 1 Mil, the workaround is to copy the Query in Power BI desktop and export to csv using the current script.

an interesting use case if you are working with MS Access ,SQL Server express or SQLITE, you can use PowerBI desktop as an ETL tool :)

if you are on windows 7, you need first to start the script PS, see more details here

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