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Add or remove channels from the channel lineup

The channel lineup(s) are dictated by the local HDHomeRun tuner device(s). To change the channels that are reported by this PVR Client, change the channel lineup on the tuner device(s). Navigate to (NOTE: Windows 10 users may have to use Internet Explorer rather than Edge). Under "HDHomeRun Hardware", select the channels link(s). In the tuner channel lineup interface, remove channels that you do not want to see in Kodi by toggling the star icon until it changes into a red X icon. Conversely, add channels by clearing the red X icon. The channel lineup change(s) will be detected automatically when the PVR Client periodically updates the channels. Please review the Known Issues and Limitations page for information about a limitation with dynamically added channel(s) and the Kodi Electronic Program Guide (EPG).

Delete a scheduled Record Once Timer Rule

As noted in Timers and Timer Rules, this PVR Client does not allow direct deletion of a Record Once Rule. To delete a scheduled Record Once Timer Rule, delete the corresponding Timer either from the Kodi Timers view or by right-clicking on the entry in the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and choosing "Delete Timer". If the Timer has already completed and has been removed from the Timers view and the EPG, the Record Once Rule will be automatically deleted after the interval specified in the Delete expired date/time recording rules after setting.

Mark a recorded episode to re-record

The HDHomeRun RECORD device has the ability to mark a recording as "re-record" on delete, meaning that the same episode will be recorded again if possible. To access this feature, right-click on the recording you wish to delete and record again and choose "Client Actions" rather than "Delete".  Choose the "Delete and re-record episode" option in the pop-up window.

Record a single episode of a series using the EPG

A single episode of a series can be recorded by adding a Timer from the Electronic Program Guide (EPG). Right-click on the episode you want to record and either select "Record" or "Add Timer". "Record" will add a Record Once Timer Rule for the episode. "Add Timer" allows you to choose either a Record Series Rule or a Record Once Rule (NOTE: Default is "Record Series"). Use the Record Once Rule to only record the single episode.

Record all episodes of a series using the EPG

An entire series can be recorded by adding a Timer from the Electronic Program Guide (EPG). Right-click on any episode of the series and select "Add Timer". The default Timer type will be Record Series. You can change the channel to another channel or "Any Channel", set whether only new or recent episodes should be recorded, and adjust the start/end recording padding. To add a Record Series Rule without the EPG, please see Schedule a series to record that isn't in the current Electronic Program Guide (EPG) below.

Schedule a recording on a specific channel at a specific date and time

This PVR Client does not support this action. All specific date/time or single episode recordings must be scheduled via the Electronic Program Guide (EPG). Please see Timers and Timer Rules for more information.

Schedule a series to record that isn't in the current Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

To schedule a Record Series Rule for a series that isn't present in the EPG, a title match operation can be performed. Navigate to the Timers view and select "Add Timer...". In the pop-up window, set the text for "Search For" to the title of the series you want to record. Set the "Channel", "Prevent Duplicate Episodes", "Start Padding" and "End Padding" to whatever values you want. As of Version 1.1, a pop-up dialog will appear to allow you to select the series you want to record from a list. This pop-up will appear even if only one match was found to display.

TIP: Use the official SiliconDust HDHomeRun VIEW application's "DISCOVER" interface to schedule series recordings. The search functionality is far better. Once the series is scheduled, you can then subsequently adjust the parameters of the rule (channel, new or recent only, etc.) via this PVR Client. You may want to restart Kodi after you add rules this way to have them show up immediately -- the default interval to discover them is 2 hours (this can be adjusted - see the Options page).

Show only Favorite or HD channels in the Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

In order to filter the Electronic Program Guide to only show channels marked as Favorite (yellow star) in the HDHomeRun tuner device(s) settings (see Add or remove channels from the channel lineup above) use the left arrow to scroll as far as possible in the EPG. A side panel will appear that allows you to select the Group to display. Change to "Favorite Channels" or "HD Channels" as appropriate. NOTE: You can also get this side panel by clicking "Options" in the bottom left of the Guide interface, but I have trouble getting that to work right -- the keyboard method will always work.

Skip recording a single episode of a Record Series Rule

This PVR Client does not support this action. The way that the HDHomeRun DVR Service currently works, requesting a single episode deletion will trigger the following action: "... the airing is identified in the guide and ALL recording rules that would result in recording the specified airing are deleted ..." External link: Deleting a recording rule. This means that any Recording Rule (series or once) that might cause the episode to be recorded will be deleted, which is clearly not what one would expect to happen. Just let the episode you don't want recorded to record and delete it without watching it.

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