Connect a Clojure REPL to running Java or Clojure processes without any special setup
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New download locations for binaries:

Start a Clojure REPL connected to any running Java or Clojure process
without needing the process to be setup in any special way beforehand.

Now supports connecting to Tomcat web applications.

You can use the repl to run code, inspect variables, and
redefine Clojure functions.

Clojure Live REPL - 2009-10-18
David Powell <>

This software is distributed under the MIT licence.



To build:

  Copy clojure.jar to: ./liverepl-server/lib/clojure.jar

  Run ant

The build will be copied to: ./build/



Edit liverepl.bat to point to your installed JDK



To see a list of running Java processes on the system, and their
process ids, enter:


To see the available ClassLoaders for a specific process, enter:

   liverepl <pid>

      -- where the pid is the process id for the process, obtained in
         the step above.

To connect a repl to the process, enter:

   liverepl <pid> <classloader-id>

      -- where the pid is the process id for the process.
      -- and the classloader-id was obtained in the step above.

   if you aren't sure which ClassLoader to use, try '0', which
   will always be the System ClassLoader.