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Buying/Selling Assistance; Windows Registry Fix

@djrecipe djrecipe released this · 34 commits to master since this release


Buying/Selling Assistance via Tooltips

Above you can see that if I wanted to buy Bitcoin at 488 USD I would have to sell at about 489.958 USD in order to break even, since I incur the fee when both buying and selling any currency on BTC-E. Currently the fee is hard-coded to 0.2%, but I will soon be utilizing the API to update the fee live.

The formula I use for the buy button (which shows what you would have to subsequently sell at) is:


The formula I use for the sell button is:


Windows Registry Fix

Previously it is likely that none of the web pages loaded for you. This is because your computer is (likely) set to use some ancient version of Internet Explorer by default. (The web page embedded in the program is essentially emulated a version of Internet Explorer.) From now on the program will write the values to the Windows Registry that will tell your computer to use a modern version of Internet Explorer in the program.


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