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A feature-full decorator library for node.js
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A feature-full decorator library for node.js

handle(func, [type], handler)

type is optional and can be:

  • Name of a precondition
  • Error Type

Wrap functions with error handling logic.
This allows you to separate the meat of your function from your error handling.

function getElement(array, index){
  return array[index];

getElement = wither.handle(getElement, TypeError, function(e, array, index){
  console.log("Caught: " + e.message);

getElement(undefined, 4); // Caught: Cannot read property '4' of undefined

As you can see, the original arguments are still accessible in the handler. In this example we've specified the kind of error we want to catch. This means that only TypeErrors will be caught with this function. Other errors will fall through.

before(func, before)

function doSomething(){

doSomething = wither.before(doSomething, function(){
  console.log( + " called with (" + Array.prototype.slice(arguments) + ")");

doSomething(1,2,'a'); //doSomething called with (1,2,'a')

after(func, after)

function doSomething(){

doSomething = wither.after(doSomething, function(){

doSomething(); // Something!
               // DONE!

pre(func, [name], condition)

Throws an error if condition returns false. This error can be caught with a handle

function divide(a, b){
  return a/b;

divide = wither.pre(divide, 'not-zero', function(a, b){
  return b != 0;

divide = wither.handle(divide, 'not-zero', function(e, a, b){
  console.log("Everything is not shiny!")

divide(1,0); // Everything is not shiny!;

post(func, [name], condition)

function add(a, b) //always returns two
  return a + b;

add =, 'two', function(ret, args){
  return ret == 2;

add = wither.handle(add, 'two', function(a,b){
  console.log("Sum of " + a + " and " + b + " is not 2!");

add(1,2); // Sum of 1 and 2 is not 2!
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