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logx: best practice python logging with zero config

Configuring logging is tedious. Reading the logging module docs makes me tired.

Wouldn't it be nice to log as easily as doing a print statement, without any upfront config?

Obligatory example

Enter logx. It's as simple as:

>>> from logx import log
>>>'hello world')
hello world
>>> log.set_default_format()
>>> log.warn('warning!')
[2018-02-26 21:51:16,971] WARNING [__main__.<module>:1] warning!

Logs get logged automatically to the logger whose name matches the current module.

List of sweet features

  • Creates loggers lazily/as needed/on demand and logs to the appropriate logger automatically. If you're in the "acme" module it'll log to a log called "acme", no need worry about logger names and instances.
  • Shows all log messages by default, which follows the principle of least surprise and is probably what you want when debugging.
  • Included default handler logs to the appropriate standard output stream by default: Errors and warnings to stderr, the rest to stdout.
  • Allows easy following of best practice when including log statements in a library: Just call log.create_null_handler() in your module.
  • Uses the standard logging library, so you can still customize your setup as much as you want/need. Plays nicely with your existing logging config files.
  • Includes the very useful logging_tree module for viewing your current logging configuration. logx.print_diagram()


>>> pip install logx


Issues and pull requests welcome, hit me. Am I doing logging completely wrong? Critique welcome, even if very pedantic.