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// NSApplication+DockIcon.m
// Hyperspaces
// Created by Tony Arnold on 30/06/09.
// Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 -
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#import <Carbon/Carbon.h>
@implementation NSApplication (DockIcon)
- (void)setShowsDockIcon:(BOOL)flag {
// this should be called from the application delegate's applicationDidFinishLaunching
// method or from some controller object's awakeFromNib method
// Neat dockless hack using Carbon from <a href="" title=""></a>
if (flag) {
ProcessSerialNumber psn = { 0, kCurrentProcess };
// display dock icon
TransformProcessType(&psn, kProcessTransformToForegroundApplication);
// enable menu bar
SetSystemUIMode(kUIModeNormal, 0);
// switch to
[[NSWorkspace sharedWorkspace] launchAppWithBundleIdentifier:@"" options:NSWorkspaceLaunchDefault additionalEventParamDescriptor:nil launchIdentifier:nil];
// switch back
[[NSApplication sharedApplication] activateIgnoringOtherApps:YES];
} else {
NSAlert *alert = [[[NSAlert alloc] init] autorelease];
[alert addButtonWithTitle:@"Relaunch Now"];
[alert addButtonWithTitle:@"Later"];
NSString *bundlePath = [[NSBundle mainBundle] bundlePath];
NSString *appName = [[NSFileManager defaultManager] displayNameAtPath: bundlePath];
[alert setMessageText:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"You must now restart %@", appName]];
[alert setInformativeText:@"Your new setting for the Dock icon won't show up until you relaunch this application."];
[alert setAlertStyle:NSWarningAlertStyle];
NSInteger result = [alert runModal];
if (result == NSAlertFirstButtonReturn) {
[NSTask launchedTaskWithLaunchPath:@"/bin/sh" arguments:[NSArray arrayWithObjects:@"-c", [NSString stringWithFormat:@"sleep 1 ; /usr/bin/open '%@'", [[NSBundle mainBundle] bundlePath]], nil]];
[NSApp terminate:self];
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