Don't loose your line of thought while sleeping.
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Don't loose your line of thought while sleeping.

recall is a command line app for Mac that will display a message on screen with whatever you have in mind right now.

Invoke recall on your nearest terminal with that idea you don't want to forget. Put your Mac to sleep and go away. When you come back the first thing you'll see is that bit of thought. You'll be able to resume your work immediately.

It is useful for me. I have lot of interruptions.

Once you execute recall you'll have 5 seconds to sleep the Mac using the mouse. Or just use the keyboard shortcut like me.

When you come back recall will give you 5 grace seconds after wake-up before detecting mouse motion. After that, the displayed message will go away as soon as you move the mouse.

Recall is not a full-fledged cococa app. It is a hacked command line app that can show a window.


$ recall "a message"


Short message:

$ recall "try converting coordinates to integer"

Multiple lines:

$ recall "check for updates
  it seems there is a deadlock
  somewhere in the new code"


Julián Romero @madmw circa Spring of 2012.