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Building Bungee Layouts on the fly with Javascript

Use bungee.js and bungee.css to create a completely styled Bungee layout with a single element. Various classes on the element determine the appearance.


<!DOCTYPE html><html><head>
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="">
  <script src=""></script>
  <figure class="
    bungee horizontal
    regular-0b5ba8 inline-55a5fe outline-ffffff shade-0b5ba8-20 sign-c1e6ff background-ffffff
    begin-deco-big end-deco-big
  " style="font-size: 144px;">


  • bungee — this class determines which elements get this magic applied.


  • horizontal or vertical — default is horizontal


  • layer[-color[-opacity]]
  • layer (ordered from "bottom" to "top"):
    • background
    • sign
    • shade
    • outline
    • regular
    • inline
  • color:
    • any valid HTML color, minus the pound sign. Examples: F00, FF0000, red
  • opacity:
    • number from 0 to 100, specifying % opacity. Default 100% opaque.

Block shapes:

  • block-xxx where xxx is one of:
  • square (0x2B1B)
  • circle (0x2B24)
  • shield (0xE15D)
  • box-rounded (0xE15E)
  • slant-left (0xE160)
  • slant-right (0xE15F)
  • chevron-left (0xE184)
  • chevron-right (0xE181)
  • chevron-up (0xE182)
  • chevron-down (0xE183)

Banner mode:

  • begin-xxx and end-yyy where xxx and yyy are one of:
  • circle (0x25D6, 0x25D7)
  • deco-big (0xE165, 0xE166)
  • deco (0xE169, 0xE16A)
  • crown (0xE16D, 0xE16E)
  • square (0xE171, 0xE172)
  • rounded (0xE175, 0xE176)
  • swallowtail (0xE185, 0xE186)
  • arrow (0xE15A, 0x27A1)

Alternate characters:

  • alt-xxx where xxx is one of:
  • rounded (ss02)
  • round (ss02)
  • e (ss03)
  • i (ss04)
  • l (ss05)
  • amp (ss06)
  • ampersand (ss06)
  • quote (ss07)
  • apostrophe (ss07)