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Matteo Mecucci
Matteo Mecucci committed Aug 15, 2012
2 parents 65ba2b0 + 22836be commit b2e0ea18778fc7723a5d32eebe15c452f7aed064
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@@ -242,8 +242,8 @@ def match_album(artist, album, tracks=None, limit=SEARCH_LIMIT):
# The search result is missing some data (namely, the tracks),
# so we just use the ID and fetch the rest of the information.
albuminfo = album_for_id(release['id'])
- assert albuminfo is not None
- yield albuminfo
+ if albuminfo is not None:
+ yield albuminfo
def match_track(artist, title, limit=SEARCH_LIMIT):
"""Searches for a single track and returns an iterable of TrackInfo
@@ -7,6 +7,8 @@ Changelog
* :doc:`/plugins/fetchart`: Fix a bug where cover art filenames could lack
a ``.jpg`` extension.
* Add the track mapping dictionary to the ``album_distance`` plugin function.
+* Fix an assertion failure when the MusicBrainz main database and search server
+ disagree.
1.0b15 (July 26, 2012)
@@ -20,13 +20,13 @@ can refer to any normal attributes (such as ``artist`` or ``title``) as Python
variables. Here are a couple of examples::
- artist_initial: artist[0].upper() + u'.'
+ initial: albumartist[0].upper() + u'.'
disc_and_track: u'%02i.%02i' % (disc, track) if
disctotal > 1 else u'%02i' % (track)
(Note that the config file's syntax allows newlines in values if the subsequent
-lines are indented.) These examples define ``$artist_initial`` and
+lines are indented.) These examples define ``$initial`` and
``$disc_and_track`` fields that can be referenced in path templates like so::
- default: $artist_initial/$artist/$album/$disc_and_track $title
+ default: $initial/$artist/$album%aunique{}/$disc_and_track $title

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