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Collection of inputs that caused consensus errors at interop
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Interop Test Cases

Collection of block type test cases from consensus errors found at interop. post.ssz is generated directly from the pyspec.

In addition to the normal test inputs (pre.ssz, block.ssz, post.ssz), each test case also contains a and a bad_post_*.ssz. README.ssz discusss the conditions upon which this error was found and what is missed in the state tests. Files of the form bad_post_*.ssz document the incorrect post state output by the client(s) that found the error.

Due to the fact that block.ssz has in most cases been generated by a client that has an error with the state transition, the post.ssz that was generated directly from the pyspec will not match the erroneous block.state_root.

Each test case is in its own directory under /tests.

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