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Download Scintilla
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The <a href="License.txt">license</a> for using Scintilla or SciTE is similar to that of Python
containing very few restrictions.
Release 2.11
Source Code
The source code package contains all of the source code for Scintilla but no binary
executable code and is available in
<li><a href="">zip format</a> (1130K) commonly used on Windows</li>
<li><a href="">tgz format</a> (1000K) commonly used on Linux and compatible operating systems</li>
Instructions for building on both Windows and Linux are included in the readme file.
Windows Executable Code
There is no download available containing only the Scintilla DLL.
However, it is included in the <a href="SciTEDownload.html">SciTE
executable full download</a> as SciLexer.DLL.
<a href="SciTEDownload.html">SciTE</a> is a good demonstration of Scintilla.
Previous versions can be downloaded from the <a href="ScintillaHistory.html">history
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