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* ScintillaCocoa.h
* Mike Lischke <>
* Based on ScintillaMacOSX.h
* Original code by Evan Jones on Sun Sep 01 2002.
* Contributors:
* Shane Caraveo, ActiveState
* Bernd Paradies, Adobe
* Copyright 2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
* This file is dual licensed under LGPL v2.1 and the Scintilla license (
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include <time.h>
#include <vector>
#ifdef SCI_LEXER
#include "SciLexer.h"
#include "PropSet.h"
#include "PropSetSimple.h"
#include "Accessor.h"
#include "KeyWords.h"
#include "SVector.h"
#include "SplitVector.h"
#include "Partitioning.h"
#include "RunStyles.h"
#include "ContractionState.h"
#include "CellBuffer.h"
#include "CallTip.h"
#include "KeyMap.h"
#include "Indicator.h"
#include "XPM.h"
#include "LineMarker.h"
#include "Style.h"
#include "AutoComplete.h"
#include "ViewStyle.h"
#include "CharClassify.h"
#include "Decoration.h"
#include "Document.h"
#include "Selection.h"
#include "PositionCache.h"
#include "Editor.h"
//#include "ScintillaCallTip.h"
#include "ScintillaBase.h"
extern "C" NSString* ScintillaRecPboardType;
@class ScintillaView;
* Helper class to be used as timer target (NSTimer).
@interface TimerTarget : NSObject
void* mTarget;
NSNotificationQueue* notificationQueue;
- (id) init: (void*) target;
- (void) timerFired: (NSTimer*) timer;
- (void) idleTimerFired: (NSTimer*) timer;
- (void) idleTriggered: (NSNotification*) notification;
namespace Scintilla {
* On the Mac, there is no WM_COMMAND or WM_NOTIFY message that can be sent
* back to the parent. Therefore, there must be a callback handler that acts
* like a Windows WndProc, where Scintilla can send notifications to. Use
* ScintillaCocoa::RegisterNotifyHandler() to register such a handler.
* Messgae format is:
* <br>
* WM_COMMAND: HIWORD (wParam) = notification code, LOWORD (wParam) = 0 (no control ID), lParam = ScintillaCocoa*
* <br>
* WM_NOTIFY: wParam = 0 (no control ID), lParam = ptr to SCNotification structure, with hwndFrom set to ScintillaCocoa*
typedef void(*SciNotifyFunc) (intptr_t windowid, unsigned int iMessage, uintptr_t wParam, uintptr_t lParam);
* Scintilla sends these two messages to the nofity handler. Please refer
* to the Windows API doc for details about the message format.
#define WM_COMMAND 1001
#define WM_NOTIFY 1002
* Main scintilla class, implemented for OS X (Cocoa).
class ScintillaCocoa : public ScintillaBase
TimerTarget* timerTarget;
NSEvent* lastMouseEvent;
SciNotifyFunc notifyProc;
intptr_t notifyObj;
bool capturedMouse;
// Private so ScintillaCocoa objects can not be copied
ScintillaCocoa(const ScintillaCocoa &) : ScintillaBase() {}
ScintillaCocoa &operator=(const ScintillaCocoa &) { return * this; }
bool GetPasteboardData(NSPasteboard* board, SelectionText* selectedText);
void SetPasteboardData(NSPasteboard* board, const SelectionText& selectedText);
int scrollSpeed;
int scrollTicks;
NSView* ContentView();
PRectangle GetClientRectangle();
Point ConvertPoint(NSPoint point);
virtual void Initialise();
virtual void Finalise();
ScintillaCocoa(NSView* view);
virtual ~ScintillaCocoa();
void RegisterNotifyCallback(intptr_t windowid, SciNotifyFunc callback);
sptr_t WndProc(unsigned int iMessage, uptr_t wParam, sptr_t lParam);
ScintillaView* TopContainer();
void SyncPaint(void* gc, PRectangle rc);
void Draw(NSRect rect, CGContextRef gc);
virtual sptr_t DefWndProc(unsigned int iMessage, uptr_t wParam, sptr_t lParam);
void SetTicking(bool on);
bool SetIdle(bool on);
void SetMouseCapture(bool on);
bool HaveMouseCapture();
void SetVerticalScrollPos();
void SetHorizontalScrollPos();
bool ModifyScrollBars(int nMax, int nPage);
void Resize();
void DoScroll(float position, NSScrollerPart part, bool horizontal);
// Notifications for the owner.
void NotifyChange();
void NotifyFocus(bool focus);
void NotifyParent(SCNotification scn);
void NotifyURIDropped(const char *uri);
bool HasSelection();
bool CanUndo();
bool CanRedo();
virtual void CopyToClipboard(const SelectionText &selectedText);
virtual void Copy();
virtual bool CanPaste();
virtual void Paste();
virtual void Paste(bool rectangular);
virtual void CreateCallTipWindow(PRectangle rc);
virtual void AddToPopUp(const char *label, int cmd = 0, bool enabled = true);
virtual void ClaimSelection();
NSPoint GetCaretPosition();
static sptr_t DirectFunction(ScintillaCocoa *sciThis, unsigned int iMessage, uptr_t wParam, sptr_t lParam);
void TimerFired(NSTimer* timer);
void IdleTimerFired();
int InsertText(NSString* input);
bool KeyboardInput(NSEvent* event);
void MouseDown(NSEvent* event);
void MouseMove(NSEvent* event);
void MouseUp(NSEvent* event);
void MouseEntered(NSEvent* event);
void MouseExited(NSEvent* event);
void MouseWheel(NSEvent* event);
// Drag and drop
void StartDrag();
bool GetDragData(id <NSDraggingInfo> info, NSPasteboard &pasteBoard, SelectionText* selectedText);
NSDragOperation DraggingEntered(id <NSDraggingInfo> info);
NSDragOperation DraggingUpdated(id <NSDraggingInfo> info);
void DraggingExited(id <NSDraggingInfo> info);
bool PerformDragOperation(id <NSDraggingInfo> info);
void DragScroll();
// Promote some methods needed for NSResponder actions.
virtual void SelectAll();
void DeleteBackward();
virtual void Cut();
virtual void Undo();
virtual void Redo();
// virtual OSStatus ContextualMenuClick( HIPoint& location );
// virtual OSStatus ActiveStateChanged();
// virtual void CallTipClick();