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/* Scintilla source code edit control */
/** @file ScintillaWidget.h
** Definition of Scintilla widget for GTK+.
** Only needed by GTK+ code but is harmless on other platforms.
/* Copyright 1998-2001 by Neil Hodgson <>
* The License.txt file describes the conditions under which this software may be distributed. */
#if defined(GTK)
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#define SCINTILLA(obj) GTK_CHECK_CAST (obj, scintilla_get_type (), ScintillaObject)
#define SCINTILLA_CLASS(klass) GTK_CHECK_CLASS_CAST (klass, scintilla_get_type (), ScintillaClass)
#define IS_SCINTILLA(obj) GTK_CHECK_TYPE (obj, scintilla_get_type ())
typedef struct _ScintillaObject ScintillaObject;
typedef struct _ScintillaClass ScintillaClass;
struct _ScintillaObject {
GtkContainer cont;
void *pscin;
struct _ScintillaClass {
GtkContainerClass parent_class;
void (* command) (ScintillaObject *ttt);
void (* notify) (ScintillaObject *ttt);
GType scintilla_get_type (void);
GtkWidget* scintilla_new (void);
void scintilla_set_id (ScintillaObject *sci, uptr_t id);
sptr_t scintilla_send_message (ScintillaObject *sci,unsigned int iMessage, uptr_t wParam, sptr_t lParam);
void scintilla_release_resources(void);
#define SCINTILLA_NOTIFY "sci-notify"
#ifdef __cplusplus