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The test directory contains some unit and performance tests for Scintilla.
The tests can only be run on Windows using Python 3.x. Running on another platform
would require writing a file similar to for that platform. Python 3.x is required
because its default string type is Unicode and earlier Python versions use byte strings
and the interface to the platform assumes a particular string type.
A test application is in and this can be run to experiment:
To run the basic tests:
There are some lexing tests with simple input files in several languages in the examples
subdirectory and their expected lexed states in *.styled where the start of each style
is marked with {styleNumber}, for example:
To run the lexing tests:
To check for performance regressions:
While each test run will be different and the timer has only limited granularity, some results
from a 2 GHz Athlon with a DEBUG build are:
0.187 testAddLine
. 0.203 testAddLineMiddle
. 0.171 testHuge
. 0.203 testHugeInserts
. 0.312 testHugeReplace