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<title>Dave Scott / Personal</title>
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<h1><span><a href="/">David Scott</a></span></h1>
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<li><span class="foo"><a href="index.html"></a></span></li>
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If you're very bored then read <a href="blog/index.html">Dave's Blog</a>.
<h2>The Thesisometer!</h2>
My thesisometer has been discontinued, since it showed only the word limit -- not exactly very useful. The current
<a href="">SRG thesisometer</a> is a colourful example of one with actual content.
<h2>Random Photos</h2>
A link to <a href="">my photos on</a>.
Some photos of a short visit to <a href="photos/sweden/20040628/stockholm.html">Stockholm 2004.
Some photos taken during our
<a href="photos/graduation/">MA graduation ceremony</a>, some pictures
of my <a href="photos/parents">parents</a> who were visiting and some
pictures of the <a href="photos/bbq">BBQ at Jon's house</a> afterwards.
Some photos from a trip to Stockholm may be found
<a href="photos/sweden/20020330-set1/">here</a>.
Some pictures of Hawaii may be found
<a href="photos/hawaii/">here</a>.
There are some photos taken by other people
at <a href="">WWW2002</a>
which (luckily) have me on them and may be found
<a href="">here</a> (specific
pictures are <a href="">here</a>
and <a href="">here</a>).
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David Scott: $Id: personal.html,v 1.8 2006/12/03 22:57:50 djs Exp $
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