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To-do list

  1. Update the transaction coalesce algorithm so that a VIF/VBD device add doesn't cause a conflict (see the disabled unit test)

    • DONE
  2. Update the quota system to make it work for driver domains. Consider using 'created by' rather than 'owner' for quota?

    • DONE
  3. Switch the parsing/printing over to cstruct, rather than bitstring

    • DONE
  4. Add debug commands to change runtime configuration e.g. turn on read logging

    • DONE
  5. Allow pcap-style packet dumping/tracing

  6. Add a web interface for interactive debugging. This could be a separate domain using the debug interface to isolate the TCP stack.

  7. Consider storing Node.children as a map rather than a list

  8. Add quota for generated watch events

    • DONE
  9. Coalesce identical watch events

  10. Add unix xenctrl frontend

  • DONE
  1. Add mirage domain frontend

  2. Remove exceptions