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This repository contains some package files useful to create a valid OPAM repository, to be hosted somewhere on the internet.

Preparing the repository

In order to prepare the repository you will need to:

  • download and install opam

  • run make at the root of this repository. This command will use opam-mk-repo so make sure it is in the path.

Using the repository

Once the repository is ready and exported, you can use it as a standard opam repository. Hence you need to:

  • download and install opam

  • Tell opam to use the repository:

    opam init <local-name> http://path/to/the/repository
  • In case you already have opam installed and set-up, you can just add the repository:

    opam remote -add <local-name> http://path/to/the/repository
  • In case you want to use opam on the same machine where you've installed the repository:

    opam init <local-name> /local/path/to/the/repository
  • Now you can install the packages defined in there. For instance:

    opam install core

    Will install Jane Street core library.

Updating the repository

For each package described by opam/X.opam and descr/X, opam-mk-repo will download the archive from the address described in url/X and add the files from files/X in it. If you want to modify some package files, you'll have to:

  • [server-side] delete archives/X.tar.gz
  • [server-side] run make
  • [client-side] run opam update to take the changes into account
  • [client-side] run opam upgrade if a package already installed have been modified; this will recompile the package and all the packages depending on it.
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