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stunnel Universal SSL tunnel
New features in stunnel 4.0
* New features sponsored by MAXIMUS
- New user interface (config file).
- Single daemon can listen on multiple ports, now.
- Native Win32 GUI added.
- Native NT/2000/XP service added.
- Delayed DNS lookup added.
* Other new features
- All the timeouts are now configurable including
TIMEOUTclose that can be set to 0 for MSIE and other
buggy clients that do not send close_notify.
- Stunnel process can be chrooted in a specified directory.
- Numerical values for setuid() and setgid() are allowed, now.
- Confusing code for setting certificate defaults introduced in
version 3.8p3 was removed to simplify stunnel setup.
There are no built-in defaults for CApath and CAfile options.
- Private key file for a certificate can be kept in a separate
file. Default remains to keep it in the cert file.
- Manual page updated.
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