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stunnel Universal SSL tunnel
* High priority features I'm going to support (sponsorship welcomed):
- Add service-level logging.
- Optional use of syslog in foreground mode.
- Provide transparent proxy for Linux 2.6.x with TPROXY patch.
- In transparent proxy mode bind source port (not only IP).
- In transparent proxy mode add an option to connect destination address
of the the original connection instead of a fixed IP list.
- Modify ./configure to support cross-compilation.
* Low priority features I'm going to support (sponsorship welcomed):
- Replace protocol.c with a scripting engine.
- Add some scripting capabilities *after* SSL negotiations.
- Log file rotation on a signal.
- Key renegotiation (re-handshake) for long connections.
- Internationalization of logged messages (i18n).
- Logging to NT eventlog.
- IMAP protocol support (RFC 2595).
- SOCKS 4 protocol support.
- Graceful configuration reload with a signal on Unix and with GUI on Windows.
* Features I'd prefer NOT to support (waiting for a wealthy sponsor):
- HTTP protocol support (X-Forwarded-For header).
- SMTP protocol support (X-Forwarded-For header).