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0.9.24 (10-Sep-2013):
* update to xenstore 1.2.3
0.9.22 (10-Sep-2013):
* fix bug setting up VIFs on systems with python 2.4
* fix bug where updates from the guest agent were lost
* fix bug in suspend/resume/migrate on Windows with PV drivers
* fix migrate when not using the message switch
0.9.21 (15-Aug-2013):
* will autodetect xenlight, libvirt devel packages and only build those
backends if they are available
0.9.20 (15-Aug-2013):
* update to xen-api c/s f45d493e7ed9b5a60fed1db64ce52708c76465a6; see
0.9.19 (14-Aug-2013):
* disable by default the libvirt build
0.9.18 (8-Aug-2013):
* libxl: add support for .qcow2 format disks
0.9.17 (5-Jul-2013):
* libxl: fix hotplug and unplug
0.9.16 (5-Jul-2013):
* libxl: fix the network device enumeration for Linux guests
0.9.15 (1-Jul-2013):
* libxl: use a PV frontend in dom0 for pygrub
0.9.14 (27-Jun-2013):
* libxl: PV guests install and start normally
* libxl: fixed deadlock in clean shutdown
* libxl: suspend and resume work
0.9.12 (26-Jun-2013):
* libxl: emulated NICs are working
0.9.9 (25-Jun-2013):
* libxl: VM shutdown is more reliable
* libxl: VM consoles work
0.9.6 (23-Jun-2013):
* Migration works again with classic backend
0.9.5 (21-Jun-2013):
* Experimental libxl backend
0.9.4 (19-Jun-2013):
* HVM CD eject and VM poweroff now work
0.9.3 (17-Jun-2013):
* xenopsd-xc will set domain 0's uuid on startup
0.9.1 (3-Jun-2013):
* -daemon true option works with libxc version
0.9.0 (3-Jun-2013):
* first public release