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  • Attributes#updated and Attributes#+ now return Attributes rather than Map
    • Note that attrs + ("a", "b") wil no longer compile. Use attrs + (("a", "b")) instead
  • Attributes now always order-preserving
  • Bug Fixes
    • Issue #67 – Stack Overflow when loading files


  • New selection methods
    • \\! – Performs a deep selection, but stops the recursion once a match is reached (thus, if a parent and its child both match, only the parent will be returned). The results are guaranteed to have a zipper with an non-conflicting unselect on all operations
    • select – Performs a selection at the current level, without descent
  • Deep selection (\\) is now depth-first, rather than breadth-first
  • Zipper now works for both \ and \\ methods
  • New utility methods supported by Zipper
    • drop
    • slice
    • splitAt
    • take
  • Implicit conversions from String and Symbol to Selector are now hidden in the Selector companion object
  • Explicit converters now use convert instead of anti
  • Bug Fixes
    • Issue #40 – Serializing CDATA with "]]>" Can Create Invalid XML
    • Issue #36 – Zipper.unselect does not preserve order of flatMapped children
    • Issue #19 – Attributes Should Be Order-Preserving
    • Issue #26 – Zipper unselect is incorrect after multiple operations
    • Zipper#unselect fails to rebuild siblings at the second level when some results have been dropped
    • Zipper#unselect on empty selection results no functions appropriately
    • `Issue 12`_ – Utility Operations on Group Return an Invalid Zipper
    • Utility methods on Group now return Group when possible, rather than Zipper. This also changes the CanBuildFromWithZipper API by splitting it entirely from CanBuildFrom.


This release adds support for Scala 2.9.0. 100% compatibility with 2.8.1 is still maintained. Note that this is a pre-1.0 release, and so a number of secondary APIs have been adjusted, renamed or simply removed, generally without documenting here.

  • Features
    • XMLSerializer for proper (non-String) serialization support
    • Group canonicalization (see scaladoc for Group#canonicalize)
    • Proper namespace/prefix support
      • Scope retention on Elem
    • Namespace support on element attributes
    • Removed StAXIterator
    • Selector is no longer restricted to a single resulting container type
    • Performance improvements
      • StAX parser backend is now the default
      • Lazy bloom filter creation
    • BSD Licensing
  • Bug Fixes
    • Issue #16 – Implement Identifier Checking (for reserved characters)
    • Issue #13 – Zipper With Empty Context Does Not Define flatMap
    • Zipper#unselect with a top-level select miss
    • SAX2 sometimes reuses Attributes objects, confusing NodeSeqSAXHandler