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package com.codecommit.gll
import scala.util.matching.Regex
sealed trait Result[+R] {
val tail: LineStream
case class Success[+R](value: R, tail: LineStream) extends Result[R]
case class Failure(data: FailureData, tail: LineStream) extends Result[Nothing]
sealed trait FailureData
case class ExpectedLiteral(expect: String, received: String) extends FailureData
case class ExpectedRegex(regex: Regex) extends FailureData
case class UnexpectedEndOfStream(expected: Option[String]) extends FailureData
case class UnexpectedTrailingChars(received: String) extends FailureData
case class UnexpectedChars(received: String) extends FailureData
case object SyntaxError extends FailureData
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