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@@ -280,7 +280,15 @@ the letter ``b`` repeated 100 times. If we increase that number to 300, the
parser will actually exhaust the available heap space in the default JVM
-With that said, there are very few grammar/input combinations which push the
+The actual performance on the ``s`` grammar is demonstrated by the following
+graph (plotted on a cubic scale). The gray line is *y = kx^3* (for some constant
+*k*). The blue line was determined emperically from progressively longer runs
+(starting at strings of length 10 and increasing to length 100) on the ``s``
+parser shown above. The *y* axis represents time in milliseconds.
+.. image:: performance.jpg
+With all this said, there are very few grammar/input combinations which push the
framework to its limit. In fact, for grammars which are LL(1)_, the GLL Combinators
framework should actually be *faster* than traditional parser combinators. For
@@ -27,8 +27,12 @@ define 'gll-combinators' do
file.puts latex
+ file 'target/performance.jpg' => ['performance.jpg'] do |f|
+ cp 'performance.jpg', f.to_s
+ end
- pdf = file 'target/readme.pdf' => [file('target/doc/readme.tex')] do |f|
+ pdf = file 'target/readme.pdf' => [file('target/doc/readme.tex'), file('target/performance.jpg')] do |f|
info 'Compiling readme.tex into PDF'
Dir.chdir _(:target, :doc) do
`latex readme`
@@ -38,7 +42,7 @@ define 'gll-combinators' do
- html = file 'target/readme.html' => ['README.rst'] do |f|
+ html = file 'target/readme.html' => ['README.rst', file('target/performance.jpg')] do |f|
info 'Generating readme.html'
mkdir File.dirname(f.to_s) unless File.exists? File.dirname(f.to_s)
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