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1 parent ea38b8f commit 9453cc5e8de55c34eced7a7e5d884ac01a3994da Joni Freeman committed Feb 10, 2010
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@@ -38,14 +38,20 @@
see for full guide
<release version="${project.version}" date="${publishDate}" description="Lift 2.0 Snapshot">
+ <action dev="jonifreeman" type="fix" issue="323" system="assembla">
+ lift-Json doesn't appear to be correctly handling attributes
+ </action>
+ <action dev="jonifreeman" type="fix" issue="279" system="assembla">
+ net.liftweb.json.JsonParser.extract fails with List[List[Int]]
+ </action>
<action dev="jonifreeman" type="update" issue="303" system="assembla">
JSON object can be extracted into scala.Map (and scala.Map can be serialized as JSON object). Recursive types
can be serialized.
<action dev="jonifreeman" type="fix" issue="279" system="assembla">
Multidimensional arrays supported in JSON serialization and extraction
- <action dev="jonifreeman" type="update" issue="" system="assembla">
+ <action dev="jonifreeman" type="update" issue="333" system="assembla">
JSON pull parser API

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