• Dec 27, 2010


    ScalaSTM - 0.2 RELEASE NOTES
    Changes between 0.1 and 0.2:
    * Substantial performance improvements, especially for nested atomic
    * TSet.View and TMap.View are integrated into the Scala collection
      class hierarchy, with factory companion objects and Builder and
      CanBuildFrom instances.
    * A fix for whileCommitting handlers (issue #3).
    * TxnLocal can now be read and written from while-preparing and while-
      committing handlers.  Combining TxnLocal and life-cycle handlers is
      now more concise.
    * Transaction statistics can be enabled for the default algorithm
      with the VM argument -Dccstm.stats=1 (details in the ScalaDoc for
  • Dec 5, 2010


    Initial non-snapshot release. Includes
    * the pluggable ScalaSTM API
      - foundational types: Ref, TArray
      - operations: atomic, orAtomic, retry
      - integrated concurrent collections: TMap, TSet
    * CCSTM as a reference implementation