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SinatraResource can help you build Web services in the Resource Oriented Architecture style. It is built on top of Sinatra and MongoMapper.


Check to see if you are running a recent version of RubyGems:

gem --version
# should be 1.3.7 of better, if not:
sudo gem update --system

I recommend a user-level installation:

gem install sinatra_resource

(A general note: beware of sudo gem install <project_name> -- it gives elevated privileges. Do you trust <project name>? Better to be safe and not use the sudo -- this gives you a local install in your ~/.gem directory.)


For a basic example of what this looks like when integrated into a real-world Sinatra app, see the /examples/datacatalog directory.


This code was extracted from the National Data Catalog (source code), a project of the Sunlight Labs.