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A realtime, collaborative kanban tool, built on Elixir, Phoenix, and LiveView.
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A realtime, collaborative kanban tool, built on Elixir, Phoenix, and LiveView.

Status: We've met our MVP goals! Now we're just adding features. As always, pull requests welcome!

CI: Lucidboard on CircleCI CircleCI

To start your Phoenix development environment:


Note: If you are on the Quicken Loans network, you'll want to invoke this script with bin/dev --ql or you will get errors around HTTPS authentication.

The script's comments explain a bit more, but you'll get two docker containers -- a Postgres database (lucidboard_dev_db) and an Elixir development container (lucidboard_dev_app). The script will then run the fish shell inside the latter, dropping you into /app where the project files reside.

When running this the first time, you'll need to install the dependencies and initialize the database. (You may also simply type setup since it is an alias for these commands.)

mix deps.get
cd assets; npm install; cd ..
mix ecto.setup

Finally, start the application with imp. This is an alias for iex -S mix phx.server which will run the app with Elixir's interactive repl, iex. This will allow you to test lines of Elixir code and interact with the running application. imp is the only command you'll need next time, now that things are installed.


Now you can visit localhost:8800 from your browser.

To close down and remove the docker containers, run the following script. Don't worry - all your code and database data will remain intact for next time.


Shell Aliases

These recommended few aliases are imported to the fish shell in the docker-based dev environment.

Alias Full Command
imp iex -S mix phx.server
im iex -S mix
mdg iex mix deps.get
mdu mix deps.update --all
mt mix test
mtw mix
ml mix lint
mer mix ecto.reset
setup mix deps.get
cd assets; npm install; cd ..
mix ecto.setup


Per the included LICENSE.txt, Lucidboard is made available under the MIT license.

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