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Syncthing Docker Scripts

This repository contains scripts to build and/or run scratch docker images for syncthing.



Run an image using the script. To run the current version container with docker on amd64:

wget && bash


For other architectures, adjust arch= to your needs. By default, the script runs the container as the user you run the script as. The default path for storing configuration files is $HOME.config/syncthing-docker. As default volume is $HOME/Sync is mounted. You can mount additional directories with dockeropts="-v /local/dir:/container/dir". The default settings are tuned for minimum impact on the running system. You can add syncthing parameters to the end of the script, e.g. bash -help.

Beta builds and tags

While the current version is always tagged with the :latest flag, the current beta version is tagged as :beta. This should allow for easy beta testing with your scripts. Please note binaries are rarely released for beta versions. New major versions are not tagged :latest for a while. They are available under the major version tag first, e.g. :0.13. Later, 0.13 will be tagged :latest and 0.12 will only be available as :0.12(.x). If you want to be sure you can determin the upgrade to a major version please use the current major version tag in your run script.


The amd64 container runs with rkt as well. Please see for standard stage1 and for a highly experimental "clear container"/lkvm stage1. Other architectures are not well supported by rkt at the moment. They need the container built on the same architecture its run on for docker2aci to work and possibly further adjustments to rkt.


The script

  1. retrieves a binary from the syncthing website
  2. verifies the hash signature
  3. creates a scratch docker image
  4. uploads the image to docker
  5. removes all images from the local system

for Linux architectures. bash 0.12.21 builds, uploads, and purges containers for all architectures.

Most people will want to reduce the amount of architectures to their need. You can adjust the script to upload to your own repository. Containers are tagged with the version of syncthing given as command line. The system uploads the currently built version under the :latest tag as well.



If you care about security, please use the build script to create the containers locally. The scripts and image are already generally trying to take security into account. Feedback welcome.


Run and/or build tiny syncthing containers with docker.







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